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H-Radar is a cross-platform application that allows people to check and report infectious diseases and symptoms. It utilizes the mobile device's GPS and notification functions to collect precisely geographic locations and provide real time-disease alert when detecting mobile user travel to a high risk area.







All4Tot provides both website access and mobile app for users to track and monitor their children growth process, be aware of nearby diseases, check weather, and receive information such as physical activities and nutrition suggestions, vaccine schedule, birthday reminder, and many other messages related to children health.



"An App that actually saves lives" - Dr. Jenny Yeh

Light-up is a complete suicide prevention and follow-up care system that includes a lot of great and innovative features, likes profile management, connection system, facility and resource locator, suicide prevention lifeline integration, education, safety plan customization, suicide evaluation and social network. All with one goal - to prevent suicide, providing continuity and good quality of care.







TrialsConnect is a tool that works in both mobile and cloud (on any standard browsers), which educates, engages and empowers participants enrolled in clinical trials. Researchers can use this app to connect with participants. Participants not only receive information, but are also encouraged to engage more by our app designs, such as fun reward games.



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